Road Traffic Accident

This comprehensive publication helps practitioners to navigate the complex pre-action protocols involved in low-value road traffic accident claims.

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This publication guides practitioners through the process of advising clients on low-value road traffic accident claims for personal injuries, including whiplash, and other damages. It covers the stages of commencing a claim under pre-action protocols, using online portals, responding to offers, and settling the matter. It also includes guidance on issuing proceedings if the matter falls outside the pre-action protocols.

It includes a practical commentary and necessary precedents to assist the practitioner during the pre-action protocol stages, use of online portals, and court proceedings. Some of the many precedents include letters to experts, letters to the compensator, letters making and accepting offers, a library of particulars of claim, and standard letters to other parties, providing practitioners with all the focused and practical guidance they need.

Popular precedents include:

  • Enclosure – Overview of the small claims process – Road traffic accident;
  • Letter of claim;
  • Letter to physiotherapist seeking a report on rehabilitation;
  • Letter to vehicle expert seeking a damage report;
  • Letter to hire company requesting a copy of credit hire agreement;
  • Medical report form;
  • Letter to defendant’s solicitor where claimant’s circumstances fall under the RTA Small Claims Protocol;
  • Statement of tariff injuries;
  • Statement of other protocol injuries;
  • Particulars of claim for a two vehicle collision, one vehicle one pedestrian collision, one vehicle one bicycle collision, and a passenger claim; and
  • Schedule of past and future loss and expense.

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