Personal Injury

A comprehensive guide to advising and representing claimants in personal injury claims sustained due to accidents at work or on public land.

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The new Personal Injury publication comprises a practical and useful commentary with precedents taking the practitioner through the stages involved in advising a client in a claim for personal injuries sustained due to accidents at work or on public land.

It covers the preliminary interview with the client, preparatory investigative steps and information gathering, the relevant pre-action protocols and use of the online portals and settlement negotiations.

The publication also takes the practitioner through the stages of issuing proceedings in the event the matter falls outside the pre-action protocols.

Precedents include:

  • letters to experts seeking medical reports;
  • letters to insurers enclosing documents to support a claim;
  • making and accepting offers and counter-offers;
  • particulars of claim;
  • letters to the client explaining the process and pre-action protocols; and
  • standard letters to other parties and experts.

The new Personal Injury publication gives practitioners all the focused and practical guidance they need.

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